Bottle Brush Trees
Jian Chong Min
“Never understood the obsession with callin dude’s “whipped” for catering to your chick. Like, if you know you have someone special, there is nothing unmanly about making sure she feels that way 24/7.”

timothy delaghetto (via desideriumxx)


What would you change about your life? 
"Not a thing. Everything’s a learning curve. There’s a couple of things (laughs) I’d like to take back, but fuck, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today. You gotta go in the mud sometimes to figure out who you are. I’ve had my fair share of hills and valleys, but life’s been radical and exciting. Stuff that kings would die to do.”

Photo: Brian Bielmann


We have no idea what he’s doing…

drinking water but in a punk rock way


men are so afraid of confident girls and its so funny


devinbrugman - More of her: devinbrugman on fuckasfit


if you hold an empty gatorade bottle up to your ear you can hear the sports

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